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Butterfly Garden (Sent With Live Caterpillars)

Butterfly Garden (Sent With Live Caterpillars)

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Watch the Miracle of Metamorphosis in your own home or classroom!

This educational kit gives children, students and families an unforgettable opportunity to watch caterpillars change into chrysalides and then emerge as beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies. Raise and feed your very own butterflies and then release them into the wild! The entire transformation from caterpillar to adult butterfly takes about three to five weeks.

See An Amazing Transformation

5 caterpillars (a live butterfly culture) will arrive in a clear plastic cup with all of the nutritious food they need. Place the cup in a safe place away from direct sunlight. The caterpillars will remain in the cup and will eat, spin silk and grow to TEN times their original size! After seven to ten days they will hang upside down and harden into chrysalides

Raise Your Very Own Butterflies

The Butterfly Garden Habitat is a reusable, cylindrical mesh container perfect for up close butterfly viewing! Once the chrysalides have hardened, gently move them to the pop-up butterfly habitat. It will take about seven to ten more days for them to complete the transformation to adult butterflies. Everyone will want to keep a close eye on the habitat so they can witness the fascinating birth of their Painted Lady Butterflies.

The Live Butterfly Garden Includes:

  • Pop-up, reusable 30cm tall mesh habitat perfect for butterfly viewing!
  • Feeding Pipette
  • Complete Instructions
  • A cup of 5 live
  • Ages 4+

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    fabulous experience
    Highly enjoyable for children and adults alike. Great way for children to learn. We've had caterpillars 3 times now, coming back for a 4th. It still holds the same fascination for our 5 year old as it did the first time.

    just got it 4 days ago and enjoying it. Really pleased about this product

    update on my last post. I released 8 butterflies on 28 Aug. Had 2 left to emerge. Good news! released my 9th butterfly today. Hopes are fading for number 10 but I still have it.

    My Butterfly Garden with 10 caterpillars was delivered on 8th AUG. Today is 28 AUG and i have just released 8 Butterflies in the local park. The area was a wild area of the park with plenty of flowers and foliage, nice and quiet and a lovely day for freedom. All 8 were perfectly formed and strong. Fingers crossed for the other 2.

    Absolutely amazing, all 10 of our caterpillars emerged as butterflies. It is amazing to watch the transformation. My daughter has enjoyed the experience and we are looking forward to doing it all again next year. We are releasing the butterflies tomorrow and looking forward to them flying away and the cycle starting all over again :-)

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